E-Commerce Solutions
We can provide hosting of your static web pages and/or shopping cart functions. Our carts can be integrated with external sites seamlessly and with extensive customization to meet your specific requirements.

Warehousing services
The warehousing process starts when your product hits our dock. We count every piece of material that enters our facility. Why? Because we want to make sure you get what you paid for! Another benefit of a stringent receiving process is to eliminate inventory and supply chain errors.

Fulfillment Applications
We can pick, pack and ship each order with impressive accuracy. These services include,
but are not limited to:
• Product and Literature Fulfillment
• Premium Storage and Fulfillment
• Bulk Shipment Preparation
• High Volume Hand Labeling, Inserting, and Collating
• Coded Material Matching
• Shrink Wrap and Poly bagging
• Specialty Packaging Automated Shipping (UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS)

Kitting and packaging
Pinpoint-360 offers kit assembly services including on-demand kit assembly and pre-assembly for the creation of in-house stock items. Pre-assembled kits are then inventoried and warehoused awaiting pick and pack, and order processing.

Online Solution Management
We provide an online solution to manage, pack and ship your inventory without ever
leaving your desk!
• Our online tools help you manage your orders and your inventory.
• You can “inspect” your warehouse at any time from any Internet browser.
• Check the products you have in stock, the quantities of each and how quickly the
various products are moving so you can proactively manage your inventory levels.

Order Management
We accept orders via email, through our website or traditional mail. email and web orders are imported automatically using one of our many technical tools. In the case of faxes or traditional mail, we key each order into our fulfillment system upon their arrival. All orders are tracked from the moment they enter our facility to the moment they arrive at their final destination.

Pinpoint-360 does much more than ship goods. We provide our customers with defect-free and hassle-free transportation services by offering a wide variety of services to our customers. We deliver products to market, we deliver transportation solutions and we meet specific transportation needs, no matter what they are. That’s a real partnership, and that’s a real competitive advantage in today’s quick-turn, rapid-replenishment world.

Small Package Shipment and Distribution
We’ll ship a single package to one location or 1,000’s of packages to 1,000’s of locations.

LTL (Less than Truckload) Shipments
With numerous clients Pinpoint-360 consolidates trucks at it’s facility and transfers products to its delivery agents throughout the USA. This makes Pinpoint-360 extremely competitive.

Supply Chain Management
Pinpoint-360 offers customized logistics solutions for your entire supply chain. Our complete fulfillment service — from manufacturer/supplier, to retailer, to consumer — enables you to achieve operational excellence at every stage. We specialize in providing customers with innovative and customized transportation as well as a dedicated work force.

Pinpoint-360 has successfully completed numerous projects throughout the United States and Internationally.